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Welcome to Longford Primary School

At Longford Primary School, we are guided in our work every day by our mission, core values and school vision. Our school vision was created over 2016-2017 and included all members of our community – parents, students and staff. Key sections of the vision are represented below in relation to our mission and core values. The full vision statement may be viewed here. As a community we are extremely proud of and committed to realising our vision over the next four years.


Preparing Students for a Future World

It is our moral imperative to do everything we can to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

Core skills in literacy, numeracy and digital technologies are explicitly taught; aligned school-wide approaches ensure consistency and layered learning. Collaborative competency and creative and critical thinking skills are paramount; the capacity to be flexible, adaptable and innovative is essential.


Strong Relationships

Our deep sense of community and belonging is characterised by strong relationships built on care, respect and empathy. We value diversity and celebrate both what we have in common and the differences which make us unique.

Every person within our community makes a valuable contribution. We value parents as the first educators of our students. Student voice is invited and valued, helping to shape learning across the school.


Resilience & Growth Mindset

In a culture of high expectation and engagement, students understand the purpose for learning.

Risk-taking and making mistakes are fundamental to the learning process.

Authentic learning, feedback and assessment promote self-reflection, and empower students to take ownership of their learning, be resilient and develop a growth mind-set. We celebrate effort and success.


Lifelong Learning

Longford Primary School is a dynamic and vibrant learning community where all individuals are challenged to grow as life-long learners.

Teachers lead by example, characterising life-long learning by working collaboratively with colleagues to continually refine their craft and deliver best-practice pedagogy.


Strive for Success

Learners discover and develop their strengths, passions and talents, and identify their hopes and dreams for the future. ‘Success’ is defined by the achievement of these hopes and dreams, and is unique to each individual. Each person’s story is their own to write.

Cnr Catherine & William St
Longford TAS 7301

Phone: 03 6391 1252